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  • Stephanie Veltri


Updated: May 4, 2021

April 16, 2021

Image: Stephanie Veltri Interior Design

Claud Cecil Gurney traveled to China in search of restoring his family home silk wallpaper. He soon came to realize that the government in China preferred mass production of wall coverings, and hand-painted silk panels was becoming a dying art. Mr. Gurney went in search of artisans who were able to create a special, double brush painting technique who had been trained in such skill over centuries. By forging relationships with these talented artisans, he was able to recreate these beautiful panels and restore his beloved heirloom quality wallpaper. These incredible custom designs tailored to each buyer and home owner's preference makes each piece unique and special. From the 17th to 18th century in Europe the popularization of these "India Papers" as they were once called boomed amongst royals and the wealthy.

Image: De Gounray

The double brush painting style passed down for centuries by Chinese Artisans still used today in the studio.

Image: De Gourney

The incredible gold leaf technique used adds a divine quality and caters to the most discerning eye. The Chinoiserie style is like no other, and the preciousness of each piece is apparent. Each panel is unique in that today everything is still produced by hand. De Gurney still employs 50 artisans at a time to keep up with the high demand for these stunning panels.

Image: De Gourney

Often used on doors and blended entries, the panels are painted in a cohesive way that connect one to the other by pattern. An entire room can look like a forest, a jungle, or even a stunning aviary. The possibilities are endless!

Image: De Gourney

Fabrics are often used to match the gorgeous wall panels and can be found in a variety of patterns and colors or specially commissioned to make exact replicas.

Image: De Gourney

Combining these incredible works of art with beautiful accessories and fixtures can transform a room into a true wonderland. The whimsical nature and attention to detail create a surrounding like no other.

Above are some more affordable pieces in similar chinoiserie style patterns. I hope you enjoy looking through them and finding something special for your home! Have a wonderful week!



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