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Stephanie Veltri grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio in her early years. She began her love of architecture and interior design by being exposed to the planned garden communities of the Van Sweringen brothers as a young girl. She started art classes at the age of four at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Stephanie regularly played with fabric, recreated decor in her dollhouses, and made home decor out of cardboard and bedsheets as a child. She soon began her fascination with English Interiors, colorful fabrics, historical homes, palaces, and castles. Her experiences in the community created a fascination with all things architecture and design.

Stephanie's grandmother introduced her to The Kent State Museum of Fashion where she began to learn about the details of designer clothing. From Dior to Chanel Stephanie was smitten with the construction of the clothing, how color choices were made, and the incorporation of each detailed accessory.

Interior Design and Fashion seemed to go hand in hand to Stephanie, and she fell in love with the history, display and importance of adding color to everyday life!


While growing up Stephanie intently watched each detail executed by her parent's interior designer. The way she dressed, her ability to pair a French toile with a solid print, and how she could take a blank canvas and create an extraordinary living space.  Stephanie felt inspired to pursue her love of the arts and design.

After earning several scholarships to art and design universities Stephanie settled on Kent State University where she earned her B.A. in fine arts with an emphasis on drawing, painting and sculpture. She received her B.F.A. in interior design focusing on residential design from The Design Institute of San Diego in San Diego, California.


Stephanie interned at Kathleen Buoymaster Inc. where she trained under the keen eye of Joanne Hutchinson A.S.I.D. Stephanie was introduced to the very best products available to interior designers. During her internship Stephanie worked on homes throughout California with Joanne and was honored to assist in the design remodel of the late Erma Bombeck's husband's vacation home in Monterey, California.


Upon graduation Stephanie began a designer dog bed company where she traveled overseas to select fabrics to have her custom designs printed on.  While running the business from home Stephanie married, became mother to two sons, doted on her Brussels Griffon and Pug, and she continued residential interior design.  

Stephanie's husband's career has moved them several times throughout the United States. Stephanie has been fortunate enough to design homes in Ohio, Virginia, California and Louisiana.  She feels the experiences she has had living in a variety of states has truly helped her become a well rounded designer.

In addition to her adventures in interior design Stephanie's love of fashion continues to shine through.  She loves to inspire others to wear bright colors, be true to their passions, and to bring fashion into everyday life.

"I think what you wear can truly affect your mood and personality.  It is no different than creating an amazing living space to feel proud of and comfortable in.  Fashion and design go hand in hand!"


Stephanie loves to entertain, paint still lifes, create pretty table scapes, garden, shop, and listen to music such as Ella Fitzgerald and Rosemary Clooney. "My life has been quite an adventure with my family, and fashion and design always seems to relate! Weather giving a house a facelift, going out for a special evening, or entertaining friends, there is always a reason to make your surroundings beautiful!"  

Stephanie is an Allied member of A.S.I.D and also a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


She currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She loves the legend of the Spanish Moss and New Orleans culture. 

In her spare time Stephanie enjoys yoga, building dollhouses, shopping, swimming, opera, musicals, using her Silhouette Cameo, painting, baking, cooking, New Orleans cuisine, traveling and spending time with her family.

"You never know where we will move to next, so no matter where we settle I always live life beautifully."


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