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  • Stephanie Veltri


February 13, 2022

Photo Credit: Stephanie Veltri

It is nice to be able to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee with frothed cream in the morning. @simplyjessicamarie has created some fabulous mugs for the perfect morning or afternoon treat.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Veltri

Coffee beans were shipped over to Yemen by Somali Merchants in the 1500’s. It was used as an aid to monks to help them concentrate. It next went to Saudi Arabia. In the 16th century it stretched to the Nothern Africa, India, Turkey, Persia and the Middle East. Next it went to Italy, everywhere else in Europe as well as Southeast Asia. In 1773 after the Boston Tea Party many Americans switched to coffee instead of tea. In the 1800’s the Brazilians became the biggest producers of coffee. I am an avid coffee and tea drinker. A favorite trip of mine included visits to Fortnam and Mason and Harrod’s for tea in London. I adore my @Nespresso Machine and froth machine. But what makes it so much better is that my from @simplyjessicamarie has arrived. I am so thrilled she created these special and feminine drink receptacles! Lined in pink with a detailed French bow, they are larger in profile and are able to hold more coffee for the avid caffeinated beverage drinker! I am so happy to be drinking in style and enjoying my extra large French Bow 15 ounce Tall Watercolor Mug which you can preorder now by Jessica! They make for the perfect gift, too!


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