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  • Stephanie Veltri


March 11, 2021

It's March y'all! Along with the new growth and sunny state of mind comes the drop of fresh, new, Spring colors! My entire life I have been a blue and pink girl, but now I've added green to my favorites! Popular online and brick-and-morter retail stores have exploded with gorgeous greens, and I cannot wait to show y'all some of my favorite pieces to shop this season. With Saint Paddy's Day on the way now is the perfect time to grab a few or a lot of these awesome finds!

Above I have linked some awesome and festive, green finds for you to shop! From jewelry to jackets, there is something for everyone! Lilly Pulitzer has done an amazing job with their new Let's Get Together in Multi print this year, and it is one of my new favorites! The sneakers come in this awesome, spearmint color. You can throw them in the wash, and they come from sustainable resources. I am in love with the fun, green wellies which are perfect for the rainy weather that Spring often brings! There are so many gorgeous choices, and be sure to let me know which one's you pick for your collection!

Happy Spring Y'all!


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