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  • Stephanie Veltri


April 18, 2021

Having a beautiful table to share is both welcoming and appreciated. For Spring and summer I enjoy setting my tables in different blue and white hues. Blue and white has been a classic color combination from the Chinese and East Asian culture in Chinoiserie style in the 17th century to the world-famous Delft Blue pottery of the 17th century. These colors were popularized in the 16th century which began both of these historic styles. People have been setting their tables with blue and white pieces for centuries, and it has become an entertaining favorite. From china patterns to table linens the choices and options are endless!

There are so many fun napkin prints and styles you can incorporate into your table design. It is truly amazing how pretty table linens can make a table scape really pop! For centuries people have coveted precious linens, passed them down as heirlooms and have registered for them for weddings. Designed by talented artisans, embroidery masters and crafters alike, fine linens have become an entertainment staple. I love how they evoke conversation about the past and spark up talk of history. Blue and white printed napkins create the perfect atmosphere for a ladies lunch, a summer evening dinner, or a fabulous breakfast brunch!

A pretty hobnail candle makes the perfect hostess gift, centerpiece, or tray styling accessory! I also think it would make a wonderful housewarming gift! I recommend trying some pretty ribbon to it. for added charm and detail! Here are the directions for adding ribbon:

You will need:

-A spool of 5/8" velvet ribbon

-A high heat glue gun

-Glue gun cylinders

-Fabric scissors or other sharp scissors

Cut and wrap a piece of ribbon long enough to attach one end to the other. Wrap ribbon around the gap in the hobnail jar and glue together with the hot glue. For the ribbon cut a 4 inch piece of ribbon. Fold the parts of the ribbon equally and glue together to make a continuous loop. Cut another small piece of ribbon to wrap around the center. Glue around the loop in the middle to affix. Put a bead of hot blue on the back of the ribbon and attach to the already wrapped ribbon on the hobnail jar. Voila! you have added your very own candle accessory!


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