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  • Stephanie Veltri


June 11, 2021

Photo Credit: Stephanie Veltri Design

Intaglio art has been around for centuries. Without photography ancient cultures needed a way to remember important times and moments. Trough this art they carved images into stones and finished the process by using wax seals. The fabulous scenes and depictions feature Roam and Greek daily life as well as portraits and Scenery. In the 18th and 19th Century the wealthy were able to collect these pieces from their travels as well as have them custom made to remember loved ones.

Photo Credit: Julie Fritscher

Julie Fritscher @art_intaglios is a local artist to the New Orleans area with an abundance of talent. Her incredible intaglio art can be found in several specialty sores with a variety of mediums incorporated into the pieces. The aging process Julie uses makes the pieces truly unique and carries through the vintage feel.

Photo Credit: Julie Fritscher

With different colored canvas backgrounds to acrylic and framed pieces the options are endless. These treasured pieces are not only gorgeous, but the intricate work process of how they are made is truly an art! The art brings the bold world into modern times. Boasting a museum quality presence, they add interest and beauty to a home.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Veltri Interior Design

One of the things I love most about New Orleans is that there is a pleather of boutiques both North and South of Lake Pontchartrain. They feature esteemed artists that locals and visitors can partake in either perusing or shopping for quality and original art. When I first arrived in the New Orleans area I fell in love with the variety of shops with local art. I was told to visit Redoux home market. Thats where I fell in love with the art of Julie Fritscher. I had seen the artwork mass produced, but I had not seen it done by hand. It was gorgeous!

Photo Credit: Julie Fritscher

I feel so fortunate to have met Julie, been to her incredible studio and to have made a new friend. Her bright and cheery personality is truly contagious, and you can tell the love and care she puts into her work. Her eyes sparkle as she talks about the process, the vintage metal pieces from Eurpe she uses to create her moulds, and how much she loves working in the arts. Her pieces can be found at multiple stores throughout New Orleans such as Redoux Home Market, Revival Art House, Clayton House & Chaleureux.

Intaglio Bars @art_intaglios / 9 Row Intaglios / Intaglio Vase @art_intaglios / Ivory Framed Intaglio /

Blue Framed Intaglio / 9 Framed Intaglios / Blue Plaque Venus @art_intaglios / 2 Trio Framed Intaglios /

Embellished Intaglios @art_intaglios

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy shopping intaglio art!



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