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  • Stephanie Veltri


Easter is such a wonderful time to put together a fabulous Spring presentation! With floral themes and bunny rabbits there's no way to go wrong with your decor! I always enjoy a table set with traditional pastels and easter colors! I try to serve goodies that match both my linens and dishwear. There are so many gorgeous plate, charger, and cutlery options on the market today. I like to buy my Easter plates from stores such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Bloomingdales. The selections are incredible and offer a whimsical vibe to the holiday.

You can add both fresh and faux flowers to your table. I always like to have a combo! I picked some lovely ones from my garden, and the large, faux bouquets are from @pierone. Add multiple bunches for a fuller look depending on the size of your centerpiece holder or how high up you want to draw the guests' eye.

In New Orleans Beignets are always a must at any breakfast or brunch from the famous Cafe' Du Monde, and Easter is no exception. You can also order Beignet mix online from the cafe' shop and make them yourself! Everyone loves A French Macaroon, and I love to color-coordinate them with my table scape! There is something so elegant about these delicious morsels! The incredible bunny cookies pictured above are by my talented friend Erica of @poshpipercookies. Erica was featured on the @foodnetwork Christmas Cookie Challenge with the @pioneerwoman. Her creations never cease to amaze me, and her confections are beyond delicious with her fabulous, homemade Royal Icing! For holidays, birthdays and special occasions the Posh Piper is your go to cookie baker! I like to share a variety of cookies for my family and guests and have had Erica create an array of colors to match my table setting!

I enjoy switching up my cutlery. I use both silver and gold during my holidays depending what mood I am feeling for that table plan. You can additionally use a blend of both between serving pieces and forks, knives and spoons. I like to mix up traditional table scapes with modern cutlery and vice versa. It creates a source of interest and adds variation to your atmosphere. A special surprise on the center of each person's setting is always welcomed and a real treat! You can use anything from a small gift to a special candy confection!

I have included an alternative place setting and table scape if you would like to go the pink and white route. Pink and white is a timeless favorite and can be styled so many different ways. I have placed a small, floral gift for the attendee at the top of the setting, and have given this table a feminine feel! I hope you love the bunnies, bows, shimmer and shine as much as I do! The faux eggs are always a welcomed touch throughout the table scape!


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