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  • Stephanie Veltri


October 25, 2021

I grew up admiring @jaystrongwater pieces throughout my childhood home, and I fell in love with every last detail. My mother and I would enjoy walking through Saks Fifth Avenue to pick out a special piece to add to her collection. Meeting the artist was such an amazing experience and something I will forever treasure.

The Dalton Leaf and Vine Jeweled Large Glass Jar Pumpkin from @Jaystrongwater is truly one of the most incredible and unique pieces I have ever seen from the company through the years. The beautiful description reads, "Each piece is mouth-blown in amber-shaded glass, dappled in gold, and adorned with jeweled and enamel flora. Fluted and criss-cross-textured glass is individually fitted with 14k-gold-finished metal vines, leaves, and flowers enameled in tones of berry, green, and gold with hand-set crystal details."

I found that the leather fitting is a special accent as it lets the lid rest atop the bottom of the piece effortlessly. The Dalton is a limited addition out of 300 and comes with a magnificent card of authenticity. From table settings to accessorizing your home for the holidays, this piece is truly an autumn stunner. Don't forget to use your unique coupon code at checkout on for any of their amazing works of art.

The Dalton Pumpkin makes the perfect centerpiece vessel for the autumn. Making the perfect floral arrangement in this gorgeous piece is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Use floral tape to form a grid while slightly letting the end pieces grip around the vessel.

2. Add water.

3. Cut flowers to desired height.

4. Pull flowers outward to achieve desired height and look 9make sure the bottoms of the stems can reach the water).

I hope you enjoy putting together a fabulous, fall tables cape featuring a beautiful fall centerpiece. I encourage you to experiment with multiple colors to see which best fits your style and decor preference!


*All photos property of, Stephanie Veltri, & @designerlifemom.


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