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  • Stephanie Veltri


February 2, 2022

Photo Credit: Stephanie Veltri @designerlifemom

Something I love about our home in the DC Metro area is that we have two fire places. One is gassed the other is wood burning. Our wood burning fireplace incredibly cozy in the dining room and especially over a holiday dinner. It needed to be completely reworked when we bought the home as well as reimagined. Adding marble brings out the elegance of a fireplace. Restoring or painting fine woodwork is always a must as well as keeping it in tact. During the holidays it lends itself to adding the perfect stockings!

Photo Credit: Stephanie Veltri @designerlifemom

Stockings can be filled with fabulous gifts and given to guests upon arrival. Personalized, monogrammed stockings are always appreciated by close friends and family. If you have visitors staying with you for the holidays I always recommend placing one filled with special gifts in their space before arrival is a thoughtful and welcoming treat.


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